BU 2016 Recap

Hopefully the end of your semester went well and you got some much-deserved rest over the holiday break! We are writing on behalf of the BU Graduate Workers Union Organizing Committee to fill you in on what happened this semester in our effort to form a graduate student union here at BU.

The campaign to form our union really started in late August, when the National Labor Relations Board ruled that private university graduate students being paid to teach or do research are employees and can form unions. Since then, we have been having open info sessions, organizing meetings, sending updates, and talking to people in our departments. Here are some of the accomplishments this semester:
We wrote and circulated a letter [LINK] supporting graduate student worker unionization at BU. This letter has over 140 signatures on it from over 40 different departments and programs!
We have had dozens of individual, departmental, and public meetings telling BU graduate workers about the campaign and encouraging them to sign union authorization cards [Link]. If you are supportive of forming a graduate student worker union at BU, the first step is signing a card!
Got the BU Graduate Workers Forward Facebook page going. See our posts and like the page HERE.
Lastly, we have developed a collection of tools to inform folks about the union process and facilitate conversations between you all and the folks you know in your departments. You can find these resources [Link].

It really has been a great semester for the campaign and we are well on our way to forming a graduate student union at BU! We plan to continue this momentum through the break and into next semester so keep an eye out for further updates!

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